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Artwork Guidelines
  • We can only use solid black and white artwork. We cannot reproduce color, shading or grayscale in artwork.
  • We accept the following file formats" AI, EPS, TIFF, PSD, PDF, CDR, JPG, PNG, GIF.
  • Image artwork must be at least 300 dpi to produce vector artwork. 6x6" printable file works best.
  • No shadings or color
  • No 3-dimensional art
  • No photographs please
  • No Hand Drawings (unless lines are crisp and clean , such as with a black marker than could be converted to graphic art)
  • Please do NOT reverse art-we will do so in the engraving process
Examples of good Artwork:

Other Specifications:

  • We do not reproduce copyrighted, trade marked or licensed art without permission.
  • Pricing Shown on our website assumes that your artwork meets the above specifications-if modifications are needed we will advise you. You can make such modifications yourself or we can make them for you for an additional fee which is quoted on a case by case basis

How to Choose your Die Size:

You can choose the die size simply based on the size wax seal you wish to make, but you also should bear in mind that the more complex and larger the art, the better it will turn out on a larger die.

  • Basic art only should be engraved on a 3/4" die
  • Most other artworks (except high detail ) should be engraved on a 1” OR 1 1/8" Round Die – the most popular size
  • High detail art should be on a 1 3/8” or larger Die.
  • Wide perspective art can be in Oval or Rectangular Shape , but sometimes may also work on Round Shapes.
  • We now offer very large die sizes (45mm) which enable you to get a lot more detail but please remember that these large die sizes take a lot of wax per seal and should only be used with Glue Gun Sealing Wax.
  • Remember-on complex art- the larger the die the better the details will be visible.

View Die Size Comparison Charts here

Artwork Tips:
Line Thickness:
Thin lines in your art can be engraved on the stamp, but that does not mean they will make a good impression as the wax needs to get into the grooves and make the impression.
Typically, if the lines in your artwork need to be thickened, and can be thickened without impacting your design, we will do so in the proofing and engraving process, if that is possible. When you are looking at your proof, please remember that the graphic proof will always look slightly thicker than the actual impression in wax.
However, sometimes it is not possible to thicken lines without the details merging together in some arts and it would alter the artwork- in these cases we recommend making artwork adjustments to compensate for this.

Text Minimum Size:

Please remember that words can be very challenging to read when imprinted in wax. The larger the font and the larger the die, the better the outcome will be. On smaller dies our recommended Text Size for legibility in wax (not graphic art) is 4mm at the die’s actual size. On 35mm and 45mm die sizes we can typically work with 2mm-3mm text sizes but this depends entirely on the font type.
The Font Type is also important for the readability of your text- block fonts are easier to read than script fonts, capital letters are easier to read than lowercase letters.