In 2019 we launched as a sister website to our very successful and longstanding online venues (retail) and (wholesale).

Inspired by the growth of and demand for our wedding-market products, we created this new venue to share with our clients who love wax seals as much as we do, and to showcase our new wedding-inspired product line . Having been The Original Source for Wax Seals since 1945 , we were the first company who introduced wax seals to the “modern“ American market in 1950 , and now in the third generation of our Family business, we are still loving what we do in this creative arena! They say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and as such we are still happy to be the original among our somewhat younger competitors!

Above all else, we enjoy the passion of sharing in the small , but very important, details of the Wedding Events that our clients celebrate throughout the world, and we thank you for our 76 successful years in business.

Please visit all of our on-line sites and become a part of our Family!


Monika Kaidl
CEO-1969 to Present
Janine Fraumeni
CFO - 1996 to present

Our Products

We deliver premium quality, perfectly hand crafted products...most are made, hand pressed, engraved or assembled in our Studio in the USA with quality parts sourced from all over the world.

Having imported Wax Seals in many forms throughout our 74-year history, we know a thing or two about quality, and many of our relationships with our Vendors from all over the world go back many decades, resulting in top-notch product selections.

We take pride in making a perfect impression every time and prize quality and unique style above all. We are humbled and pleased that so many of our customers agree. Although some of our products on this website are a brand new, you will find many of our hugely successful staples were previously or still are featured on our sister websites with rave reviews.

Our Mission

We were founded on the belief that style and quality shouldn’t break the bank. Our goal is to change the way we all think about this old world tradition in the modern world, by delivering easy to use modern wax seals that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. We will not rest until there is a wax seal adorning every Invite, Letter, Announcement and Stationery piece on the planet! Well, at least most of them!