Large Electric Melting Pot- -5.25 "

Large Electric Melting Pot- -4" US voltage 120V only7

Useful for melting down wickless sealing waxes. 120V US

  • 5.25" Electric Melting Pot is just the right size to go from making a few seals at a time to a larger production.
  • It is ideal for melting down any Wickless Sealing Wax and then spooning onto your project
  • Use beads or simply break up your stick one at a time to melt. Add more wax one at a time to create as many seals as you would like.
  • Easy to clean out after use with Teflon-type lining.
  • Instructions included.
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Useful for melting down all types of sealing waxes (wickless) in larger volume.. 120V US